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" I have known Bill Fowler and his excellent services for more than the five years that he has been in business for himself. From the moment that I met him thru every service call and referral he has been nothing less than extremely professional, well versed in his knowledge of his trade, helpful, kind, and thorough. He is very responsive to calls, tends to his clients promptly and stands behind his work and the products that he represents. I am in real estate sales and every single client of mine looks to me for referrals of good professionals in specific industries. I have referred Bill to countless customers. There have never been anything but "RAVE" reviews for his work and work ethic. I greatly appreciate having Bill on my list of professionals that I can count on. Kitsy Sheahan, Jon Mendelson, Realtors. Top 30 agents in St. Louis City and County 2011"

~  Kitsy Sheahan, Jon Mendelson
April 2012
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Please include your name, what date you posted the online review, what online directory it was posted to, and an address where we can send your gift card to. 

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