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The maintenance and the repair of the garage door normally depend on the well being of the springs, rollers, track, pulleys, and cables. You have to be very careful while inspecting these parts. Stay attentive as you check the functioning of the parts. With garage door openers, It is important to keep it lubricated too. In case any solid object gets stuck in any of these parts, the doors may start malfunctioning. If you are unable to understand the reason why your door is not functioning properly, it may be time to call Fowler Garage Door Service of St Louis to make the repairs.  

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Below is a list of some of the most common garage door problems.  Review this page first and you may be able to save yourself some money by taking care of the quick fix on your own.  

My Garage door won't close.
I can operate my garage door with my wall button and key pad, but not my transmitters.
My garage door opener sounds like it is runing, but the door isn't moving.
My garage won't open.

1)  My garage door won’t close.
Most garage doors today are equipped with an automatic opener. These openers have what are referred to as “photo eyes” or “sensors” that need to be lined up in order for the door to close. First let’s make sure you have a sensor problem. Start by holding down the wall button. If you can hold down the wall button and the door closes, you definitely have a sensor problem. Check to make sure your sensors are properly aligned and free of debris. Holding down the wall button overrides the sensors. 

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2)  I can operate my garage door with my wall button and key pad, but not my transmitters.
Your vacation lock has been activated on your wall button. Most openers today are equipped with a lock function on the wall button that will disable your transmitters when engaged. Depending on what brand of garage door opener you have, either slide the toggle switch to unlock or push and hold the lock button for a few seconds until the green light stops flashing on your wall button.

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3)  My Garage door opener sounds like its running, but the door isn’t moving.
Has someone disconnected the opener from the door to operate the door manually recently? If so it may not be reconnected. Operate the opener. See if the chain, belt or screw drive is moving. If it is, the door is disconnected from the opener and needs to be reconnected. If you can hear the opener operating, but nothing is moving then you have a stripped out drive gear, carriage or some type of other internal problem.

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4)  My Garage Door won’t open.
First, your garage door and garage door opener if you haven’t figured it out by now, operate independently of each other. The garage door came before the garage door opener and operates under the same theory as it did before the opener. The garage door opener simply takes your place in lifting the door. Having said that, first and foremost make sure the door operates ok manually. You do so by pulling the rope hanging from the opener trolley to disconnect the door from the opener. Can you open the door by hand? Is it hard to lift or can you lift it at all? The most common problem is a broken garage door spring(s). Check above the door or along the rails to make sure the springs are still intact. If they are and the door is heavy for you to lift, then a properly adjusted opener will sense this and won’t lift the door either. You may need to have someone come out and adjust your spring tension. To put it in perspective, you wife, grandma, kids etc. should be able to lift the door manually. If not you need to have it properly balanced. 

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" Over the past ten years I have worked  diligently in order to learn everything there is to know about the garage door industry.  Through the years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the changes in the industry and have adapted my skills according to the numerous manufacturers and brands available in the market today. Every garage door situation is different, and everyone has different mechanical aptitudes. If you are having difficulty with your garage door and/or opener and would like to attempt to fix it yourself, I have published a page on my website which offers some common troubleshooting garage door and garage door opener techniques that may solve your problem.  If you don’t understand something I have explained, or are encountering a different problem, give me a call. My advice is free and I will do whatever I can to solve your problem over the phone, if you so choose.  If not, I would be happy to earn your business and set up an appointment to fix it.  I look forward to earning your business! "

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